Information China Cup Meråker

Date: 26th - 29th of March

Venue: Grova Ski Stadium, Meråker

Sprint Thursday 28th

- Prolog will start at 16.45

- Sprint course will be open for warm up from 16.20 -16.30 due to snow conditions. Entrance through the tunel ONLY!

- Heats will start shortly after prolog

TCM Information


Registration will be open until Friday 22nd of March.

Registration for the relay is open until Wednesday 27th of March 12.00 am


Registration on raceday is possible until 30 min before first start. Registration fee 100,- NOK. Vipps only.

124027, Meråker Vgs., Kantine

We are following the ICR to FIS and all athletes need to have a fis license.

Age classes are following FIS/NSF rules and we are following the international ICR rules in all the races,

ICR 341.1.5  At all FIS competitions a competitor must have reached his 16th birthday before the end of the calendar year (1st January – 31stDecember) in which the season ends:

-  In season 2018/19, competitors born 2003 and earlier


The result list on 5-10km F, 10-15km C, 1.5km sprint F will be;

1.        Women/men China cup, FIS points all athletes.

2.        Girls/boys born 2003, age 16

3.        Girls/boys born 2002, age 17

4.        Girls/boys born 2001, age 18

5.        Girls/boys born 2000-1999, age 19 and 20.


Total 10 events will be hold each days, total 30 events will be hold before the relays. Relays will only have women and men class. Total 32 events will be held with the relays. This should be enough races for the National Sports Bureau and the racers.

Race office

Race office will be in the red ski cabin in Grova. Bibs and transponders can be picked up in the race office 30- 90 minutes before the first start on raceday

Race bibs and transponders must be returned to staff or race office directly after each race.


Chinese teams are only allowed to use SWIX HF8 glide wax under their skis. No powder, HF-block, liquid or other extra speed glider under the skis are allowed for Team China Finland, Trysil, Lillehammer and Meråker. Hand structure is allowed. 


There will be no wardrobes available at the stadium in Grova, but the ski cabin in Grova will have open access. Showers can be used at Meråker Videregående Skole

Warm up zones

Warm up zones will be in the area east of the stadium.

Tracks will close 5 minutes before first start on all racedays. The jury can give Limited access to the race tracks due to snow or weather conditions.


Prize ceremonies

Prize ceremony for the top three athletes overall will be organized at the stadium in Grova directly after the race.

Dinner and prize ceremony for chinese athletes will be held at Meråker Videregående Skole at 8-9 pm tuesday - thursday. After the relay on Friday all prize ceremonies will be at the stadium directly after the race.

Organisation China Cup Meråker

- Racedirector

Tor Arne Hetland, +4791799290

- Ass. Racedirector

Xudan Cai

- TD

Gunnar Smiseth, +4791640120

- Race Office

Lilli Ofstad and Gao Min, +4797142078

- Chef of track

Anton Ringen, +4797497949

- Chef of stadium

Martin Aune, +4797038156

- Timing

Hans Lund, +4790614097

Jostein Myhre, +4741930204

Ola B Fines, +4794489183

·Melody Strauss, +4741344152

- Security and medical

Ada Ringen and Hu Meng, +4797179113

- Prize seremony/speaker

Espen Løkholm and Meng Fanpeng, +4747837736

- Finacial director

Marius Ringen, +4799266887

- Hosting/food 

Øyvind Sungård and Karin Gilland, +4790197324 and +4745602502

- Transport

Syver Nygård, +4795739877

- Host for Lillehammer,Trysil and Finland

Su Shengua